Pre-Parliament Event: Washington, DC, USA
November 16, 2009

Pre-Parliament Event in
Washington, DC

The goal of this program was to create a space and model in the Washington, DC, area to encourage civic engagement and sustainable, equitable change in the relationship of the Palestinian, Israeli, Arab, Muslim, Jewish and Christian communities.

The event was a gathering of 60 peacemakers committed to developing our goal and to developing new ways to engage one another in constructive projects and collaboration around the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

The program was held on River Road, at the Ambassador of Morocco Aziz Mekhouar’s personal residence. It consisted of small group dialogue, prayers and remarks offered by various leaders attending.


Location, Date & Time:

Residence of Aziz Mekhouar
Ambassador of Morocco
River Road

November 16, 2009
6:30 - 9:30 PM

For inquiries, contact:

Daniel Tutt
(202) 262-1304