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7 November 2009

Building Harmony Through Understanding and Respecting Diverse Faiths and Beliefs – Aboriginal/Christianity, Interfaith,
Islam & Hinduism

Gippsland Ethnic Communities’ Council (GECC)
Inaugural Multifaith-Interfaith Forum

Programme Guidelines

  • This forum promoted understanding of different faiths and the exploration of shared values.
  • This forum provided an opportunity for friendly exchange and dialogue on faith and its role in culture.
  • This forum brought different faiths and community groups together in harmony.
  • There was not an attempt to convert anyone to a particular religion or belief or to promote a particular faith.
  • No personal belief or practice was disparaged or misrepresented.


9.00–9.30am Registration – COFFEE & TEA is available throughout the day
9.30–9.45am Welcome to Country (Gunnai/Kurnai respected person of community) Introduction to Speakers and Programme
9.45–10.15am Speaker (Aboriginal/Christian)
10.15–10.45am Speaker (Hinduism)
10.45–11.10am Small group discussion
11.10–11.30am MORNING TEA
11.30am–12.15pm Speaker (Interfaith)
12.15–1.15pm Speaker (Islam)
1.15–2.00pm LUNCH and entertainment
2.00–2.30pm Panel Session and Small group discussion
2.30–2.45pm Recapitulation of the day’s events
2.45pm CLOSE
2.45pm onwards Free informal guided tour of Immigration Park and the Gippsland Immigration Wall of Recognition (near the Waratah Restaurant)

This forum was the first in a series of GECC events and activities relating to Multifaith-Interfaith initiative which is supported by the Victorian Multicultural Commission (VMC) and Parliament of World Religions (PWR). Please refer to our GECC website for updates and future activities,




Location, Date & Time:

Waratah Restaurant
Off Princes Highway
Morwell, VIC 3840

7 November 2009
9 AM – 3 PM



For info, contact:

Dr. Graham Dettrick
(3) 5126 2091

Dr. Christine Lee
(3) 5122 6714

Egon Luetjens
(3) 51221829

Pat Bartholomeusz
(3) 5133 9685