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16 November 2009

Pre-Parliament Event:

Buenos Aires, Argentina

The Buenos Aires Pre-Parliament Event was the final result of several gatherings between interreligious groups who were already working actively in the interreligious field and decided to join under the flag of the Parliament of the World´s Religions.

The Event opened with the Parliament´s DVD, providing the attendants with the context of the Pre-Parliament Event of Buenos Aires and informing them with the Parliament.

The schedule of the program included the presentation of an interreligious project called “Bridgebuilders” that included Muslim, Jewish, Cristian and Catholic young people. It also included an Indigenous Cosmovision Workshop, led by an experienced interreligious activist of a local indigenous community. There was time for each of the attendants to introduce themselves, to get to know each other and their activity in the religious, interreligious or spiritual grounds.

There was also an interreligious panel in wich representatives of different spiritual and religious communities gave their points of view under the perspective or their tradition about an issue chosen from the Declaration towards a Global Ethics. Finally the event closed with a musical number.


Location, Date & Time:

Güemes 3590
Fundación Martinez Bouquet
Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires

16 Nov 2009
18:30 hs.


For info, contact:

Gabriel Martino