Pre-Parliament Event: Pune, India
28 October & 21 November 2009

Hearing Each Other,

Redefining Secularism

This symposium is one of the many Pre-Parliament Events held across the world to work towards the main event titled 'Hearing each other, Healing the Earth'. Once every 5 years, there is a large global inter-religious gathering, bringing together over 8000 people from across the world who share insights to build a just, peaceful and sustainable world.

The primary objective of our event was to generate questions for the Global Questions Campaign and redefine Secularism. We used the Appreciative Inquiry method to find possible solutions and make recommendations and share our concerns through a dedicated web page on the PWR website.

Each part of the symposium was held at a different location and involved the following elements:

  1. Interfaith prayers: 15 mins
  2. Presentation on the main Parliament event in Melbourne: 30 mins
  3. The Global Question Campaign and group work: 1 hour 15 mins
  4. Dialogue/Sharing: 45 mins
  5. Looking Forward and Conclusion: 15 mins


Locations, Dates & Times:

28 Oct 2009, 9:30am—1:30pm
Centre for Youth Development and Activities, F.C. Road, Pune

28 Oct 2009, 4:30—8:30pm
Foundation for Liberal And Management Education, Lavale Village, Pune

21 Nov 2009
Symbiosis Centre for Management Studies and CII-Yi Confederation of Indian Industries, Young Indians, Pune


For info, contact:

Ms. Reena Ginwala
+91 20 2729 0276

Mr. Kunal Turakhia