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25-28 September 2008

International Interfaith Conference

on Guru Granth Sahib

To celebrate the tercentenary of Gurtagaddi (the ordination of Guru Granth Sahib as the Eternal Guru of the Sikhs), an international conference was held at Guru Gobind Singh Institute of Engineering & Technology from September 25 to 28, 2009.  Speakers and scholars from countries and regions such as USA, Canada, India, Pakistan, East Africa, Australia, UAE and Europe and representing the world's various religions, including Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity, Baha'i and Sikhism participated.

This international conference was a prelude to a series of celebrations and conferences to be held throughout the world.  Sikhs hope to reach the world audience about the messages of their Sacred scripture, Sri Guru Granth Sahib through this and similar other conferences.

Quotations from and about this event

"'They encouraged governments and civil societies to respect scriptures of all traditions." --Sukhbir Singh of England

"The purpose was to further promote interfaith dialogues, for developing greater insight of religious beliefs, as well as opening the door to the understanding of one's neighbours' religion." --Dr. P.S. Pasricha

"It is not an attempt for fusion of religions, but a quest to nurture an appreciation of similarities and to value the differences. Such initiatives will reduce global conflicts and promote peace."--Bhai Sahib Mohinder Singh

"This conference aimed to reach academics, spiritual leaders and civil society as a whole to build bridges in faith communities. To achieve these objectives will be the best tribute to the composers of the Guru Granth's hymns." --Dr. Harbans Lal of USA

"Religion should be used as basis for friendship, brotherhood and sisterhood. Active dialogue can lead to mutual enrichment of ethics and spiritual practice. We should encourage an increase in contacts among the followers of different religions and visits to each other's places of pilgrimage and prayer." --H.H. Dalai Lama


Guru Gobind Singh Institute of
Engineering & Technology

Nanded, India


25-28 September 2008