Pre-Parliament Event: Hong Kong, China
6 November 2009

An academic symposium

Religion and Economic Crisis

and a cultural programme

Hearing Each Other, Healing the World


  • Prof. Lai Chi Tim, CRS CUHK
  • Prof. Leslie Young, CUHK
  • Prof. John Lagerwey, CUHK
  • Prof. Lee Kam Hong, Hotel Management School, CUHK
  • Prof. Kung Lap Yan, CRS CUHK
  • Prof. Lau Chung Ming, CUHK
  • Prof. Ellen Zhang, Hong Kong Baptist University


  • Prof. David Faure
  • Prof. Lee Kam Hong, Hotel Management School
  • Prof. Kung Lap Yan, CRS CUHK
  • Prof. Lau Chung Ming, CUHK
  • Prof. T.J. Ivanhoe, City University

The Hong Kong Pre-Parliament Event is a five-part series comprised of interreligious academic, cultural arts, and education programs being held: March 23, 2009; April 13, 2009; April 24, 2009; November 6, 2009; and a Post-Parliament Event to be organized in 2010. The series of Pre-Parliament Events are being organized through the sponsoring bodies of the Centre for Religious and Spirituality Education, Hong Kong Institute of Education; Department of Cultural and Religious Studies (Project for Harmony in Diversity), Chinese University Hong Kong; Centre for Applied Ethics, Hong Kong Baptist University; Hong Kong America Centre; Institute for Global Civilization; and United Board for Christian Higher Education in Asia.
Events in March and April:
The Hong Kong Institute of Education, Centre for Religious and Spirituality Education
Theme: Is Globalization a Blessing or a Curse to Human Beings?


Experts in international political relations and global economic affairs were invited to deliver keynote speeches, followed by the responses from representatives of religious organizations to share with us their views on the issue. We shared with our frontline teachers working on Liberal Studies, to explore and discuss about the contemporary and important issues on the relationships between globalization and international politics, economy, culture and religions, so as to keep secondary teachers and students abreast of the current international issues.





Location, Date & Times:

Cho Yiu Conference Hall
and Shaw Theatre
Chinese University of Hong Kong

6 November 2009
Times TBA









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Michele Wong