Pre-Parliament Event: Hobart, Australia
16 November 2008

Sharing Wisdom in the
Search for Inner Peace

Hobart Interfaith Festival
A Celebration of Faith Traditions

This Pre-Parliament Event was an opportunity for the various Faith Traditions to share with one another and the general public the profound beauty and wisdom held within each, towards the human search for inner peace, through music and general information. There was also an opportunity to share traditional food during the afternoon. Representatives of the various faith traditions shared sacred music, dance and readings, which touch the human heart in our quest for peace within ourselves and between our community groups.

Members of different traditions worked closely together in making this event a reality, and members of the general public came and joined in the celebration of an interfaith event. But the focus was about informing the public about the Parliament and giving opportunities to register to attend it, as well as giving information about WCRP and its ongoing monthly meeting, Pause for Peace.

The event was open to the public. No registration was required, although the opportunity was given for people to register their interest and leave their contact details so that they can be informed about later events and sent updates about the Parliament.

Entry was by gold coin donation.

The Program was generally informal but included each tradition preparing a table of information to be shared with a focus on the topic of Sharing Wisdom in the Search for Inner Peace.

Steering Committee:

  • Sue Willey (Buddhist in the Tibetan Tradition)
  • Ros Goodsell (Falun Dafa)
  • Daniel Albert (Hobart Hebrew Congregation)
  • Elizabeth Chittock (PhD student researching Interfaith interaction)
  • Rosalind Terry (UC)
  • Fr Michael Tate (Catholic Church)
  • Brad Taylor (TCC)
  • Ansumana Koroma (Muslim)
  • Kiros Zegeye (African Pentecostal)
  • Gavin Murphy (Migrant Resource Centre)
  • Madhukar Rao (Indian Cultural Society)
  • Dhirasanta Das (Hare Krishna Congregation)
  • Walter Jaros (Baha’i)
  • Pym Trueman (WCRP)
  • Cheryl Maddock (Australian Shamanic Centre)
  • Terry Sussmilch (Brahma Kumaris)




Location & Date:

Hobart Town Hall

16 November 2008
2:00 - 4:45 PM




For info, contact:

Terry Sussmilch