Pre-Parliament Event: Rye, Australia
22-23 November 2008

Rye Interfaith Festival

Musicians & Performers

A Celebration of Faiths
through Music, Dance, Art, Food, Market, Workshops & Talks

Interfaith cultivates peace and harmony among the world’s religious and spiritual communities. It enables individuals and groups to share and celebrate together and to learn more about each other’s beliefs and practices.

The Rye Interfaith Festival is part of this great work. You will see from our programme that we have leaders from most of the world’s faith traditions giving talks and workshops on their faith and religious practices. Faiths will also demonstrate different aspects of their tradition including music, dance, art, and food.

Come and celebrate with us in a fun and friendly atmosphere on Rye’s beautiful foreshore next to Rye Pier. Bring the entire family as there will be special activities for the children.

Music: At the festival you will be able to listen to sacred music and sounds used to calm the mind, open the heart and uplift the spirit.

Dance: Dance is an important part of culture and religion as it enable us to express joy and delight in being alive. Come and watch as faiths demonstrate their dancing techniques then invite you to join in!

Art: The festival will provide an opportunity to watch sacred art being created, including the creation of a labyrinth and indigenous art.

Food: Eating is one of the great pleasures of life. At the festival you will have the chance to sample an array of international foods and taste the divine. 

Market: The Interfaith market will be a sea of fabric and colour, bubbling with scents and fragrances from a far, with local and exotic crafts.

Workshops: Take a workshop on ‘Forgiveness’, ‘Discover your Inner World’ , ‘Women & Spirituality’ or ‘Understanding
Islam’ in a personal, respectful setting.

Location & Date:

Rye Foreshore

Novermber 22 & 23, 2008

For info, contact:

Sandy Kouroupidis