Pre-Parliament Event: Mansfield, Australia
16 August 2009

Victorian Shared Values Symposium 2009

How to Reach and Maintain Inner Peace?

A panel of speakers present
Koori, Muslim, Christian, Jewish,
Buddhist and Hindu teachings,
with public input

This unique annual Victorian project, presented by Unity in Diversity Inc., an interfaith network and a non-denominational community organisation, offered community education to foster understanding and unity of fellow Australians. A panel of experts provided rare insights into the value of Inner Peace shared by all faith communities. After a Koori Welcome, opened by a representative of the Premier of Victoria, with Dr Nicholas Coleman, as Moderator, followed on how the common threads in these beliefs are applicable to our modern society. Admission was free.

This was followed by the Mansfield Unity in Diversity Celebration – a folk dance event – 6.00 – 7.30 pm at the Mansfield Performing Arts Centre, organised by the Harmony Foundation Vic. Inc.


Welcome Ceremony by Reg Blow, Koori Elder

Opening address by representative of Victorian government

Panel of speakers:

Koori Stories on Inner Peace by Reg Blow, Koori Elder
Inner Peace in the Teachings of Islam by Hisham Moustafa
Christianity on Inner Peace by Fr. Christopher Huxtable
Inner Peace in Judaism by Rabbanit Tzipora Boroda
Buddhist Teachings on Peace by Venerable Beom Hyon Sunim
Inner Peace in Hinduism by Abhay Awashti J.P.

Public discussion - Moderator: Dr Nicholas Coleman







Location, Date & Time:

Applied Learning Centre
Mansfield Secondary College
15 View Street

16 August 2009
2.00 - 4.30 PM



For inquiries, contact:

Marta Balan