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Bhai Kultar Singh

Bhai Kultar Singh

Bhai Kultar Singh, son of the late Bhai Sahib Avtar Singh Ji, grandson of Bhai Sahib Jwala Singh Ji, is the scion of one of the most distinguished lineages in the world, Gurmat Sangeet, reaching back to the times of the Gurus. Bhai Kultar Singh gave up a professional career to embrace the tradition of his forefathers, thus continuing the unbroken line of practitioners of Gurmat Sangeet, who have been serving the Panth for 12 generations.

Bhai Sawarn Singh is the percussionist for the group and plays the "Jorree" (set of 2 drums, originally designed by the 5th Guru). He commenced his training at the age of 9 years under the guidance of Bhai Kultar Singh's grandfather, Bhai Jwala Singh Ragi (of Thhatta Tibba, Kapurthala, Punjab). Today, at 73, he is the only musician who has been playing the Jorree for the last 62 years.

Bhai Manmohan Singh joined the group a few years ago as a trainee after receiving vocal training from a music school. Now he serves as an accompanist in our group, playing the harmonium.

Performances will also include:
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  • LDS Samoan Choir
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  • Invocation for World Peace for Solo Cello - Michael Fitzpatrick
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  • Vivekanand
  • Le Carnaval Spirituel – Spiritual entertainment by members of the Hare Krishna Movement.
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