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David Jones

David Jones

Facilitated by Brahma Kumaris musician, David Jones, this group presents sublime meditation music. Alongside David is the very well-known TV celebrity and multi-instrumentalist James Morrison, Carmen Warrington on vocals and meditation commentary and also Evripides Evripidou on electric bass and soundscapes. The music will be based on " Meditations on Love", a CD released by ABC music in 2006. Each of the artists is a very refined experienced musician and also long-time meditator. The music they create together is otherworldly and divine.



James Morrison

James Morrison is Australia’s favorite performer, a remarkably talented musician genuinely adept at any instrument you can name. His wellspring of ability is so deep and wide he’s been able to lead simultaneous careers, here and internationally.

In Australia he’s a household jazz name, in America he’s been invited to work with some of the biggest names in the business (including Lalo Schiffrin’s orchestral tribute to jazz legend Bix Beiderbek, and a trumpet summit with Wynton Marsalis and Arturo Sandoval), and in Europe he’s almost regarded as a local on the festival and club circuit. In fact his international appearances and recordings outnumber those in Australia.

Performances will also include:
  • Leaps Of Faith
  • Taize Chants sung in the Gurnia Kurnai Indigenous Language Senior Choir Lavalla Catholic College Traralgon
  • LDS Samoan Choir
  • Simone
  • Believer Slam
  • Sanctuary Ensemble
  • Closeness to God
  • Debu - All Together
  • Invocation for World Peace for Solo Cello - Michael Fitzpatrick
  • Bollywood Dancing bring the soul, mind and body in tune
  • Hindu Spirituality in Dance – Odissi Performance by Chandrabanu & 16 artists from 'Jambudvipa Ensemble' in Shaiva, Vaishnava and Shakta themes
  • Come into the Presence of God! A celebration of the Divine in Words, Music & Silence
  • Om Shanti Om
  • On The Way Of Love – Ruby performs music inspired by Rumi
  • Vivekanand
  • Le Carnaval Spirituel – Spiritual entertainment by members of the Hare Krishna Movement.
  • Wings of the Spirit in Concert


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