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Solidarity Pledge

The Council for a Parliament of the World’s Religions is proposing that communities consider committing to a “Solidarity Pledge.”

The Solidarity Pledge would express a commitment to stand together “in solidarity” when a community is the target of defamation, hatred or violence that is religiously motivated, or suffers a community-impacting tragedy.

The following definitions would inform the Solidarity Pledge:

  • Defamation” would mean: intentional and public expression of defamation that impugns the character or integrity of the community, its members and leadership, or its tradition. Statements or acts meant to respectfully express differences with religious, spiritual, social or political stances of the community would not be considered defamation;
  • Hatred” would mean: intentional and public expression of hatred that targets the religious or spiritual character of the community or its tradition, in a way that is experienced as harmful or damaging to the life of the community, its members and leadership;
  • Violence” would mean: a physical act harming, or intending to harm, the life of the community, its members and leadership, or their place of worship and practice;
  • Tragedy” would mean: an incident or experience of the community that was not an intentional act by an outside party, but was challenging or hurtful to the community, such as the sudden and unexpected loss of a respected leader, an accident resulting in injury or death to community members, damage to their place of worship or practice by a fire or natural forces, and so on.
Such a Solidarity Pledge would be a visible sign to the wider public of mutual respect and solidarity among diverse religious and spiritual communities.

The proposed Solidarity Pledge might read as follows:

We, the community of [full community name] pledge to actively stand in solidarity with neighboring communities, namely [list of participating communities], in the face of religiously-motivated defamation, hatred or violence, or when tragedy impacts a community as a whole.

We commit to this pledge as an expression of….[community rationale]

Signature of Community Leader
Date of Community Adoption
Date of Public Signing