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2007 Encuentro Interreligioso Mundial


Monterrey, Mexico was the host of the 2007 Universal Forum of Cultures from September 20 to December 8, 2007. The 2007 Universal Forum of Cultures featured international congresses, dialogues, exhibitions, and spectacles on the themes of peace, diversity, sustainability and knowledge. Special emphasis was placed on the eight objectives of Millennium Development goals for eradicating abject poverty around the world. 

Following the opening of Forum Monterrey, the Encuentro Interreligioso Mundial was the first event of the “Spiritual and Peace” week. Organized in association with the Council for a Parliament of the World’s Religions – which held its 2004 Parliament during the Barcelona Forum – the Encuentro welcomed an international audience to Monterrey, to Mexico, and to the Forum experience.

Events at the Encuentro Interreligioso Mundial included religious observances, workshops, dialogues, panel discussions and plenary events including a sacred music concert. Participants addressed such issues as religious and spiritual diversity, bioethics, violence, the plight of the marginalized and the role of religion and spirituality in society.

The Council used the International Interreligious Encounter in Monterrey, Mexico as an opportunity to gather 35 religious leaders around the world to discuss the state of the Interreligious Movement. After the September 21-24, 2007 conference, 35 scholars, activists and religious leaders stayed in Monterrey an extra 2 days for the Gathering of Experts, a forum during which ideas, thoughts and reflections were exchanged on the current and future state of the interreligious movement in the participants’ respective cities and countries. The group also reviewed the Interreligious Movement Report, which is a listing of interreligious activities held internationally.

Click here to download the Interreligious Movement Report and view a listing of interreligious activities in your country or city. If you would like to add programs, conferences or meetings that are interreligious in nature, please contact Dena Fokas with information about your organization and events.

For more details about the event, download a copy of the 2007 Encuentro Report, visit the Forum Monterrey 2007 website, or click here to learn more about the Unviersal Forum of Cultures.