Council for a Parliament of the World's Religions
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2009 Parliament

Sharing Wisdom in the Search for Inner Peace

The quest for enlightenment and inner tranquility is a thread that runs throughout virtually every religion — even when the answers vary. At the 2009 Parliament, a wide range of faith traditions shared what spirituality means to them and how it affects individuals at their deepest personal level. We also saw how spirituality can provide a framework of meaning, serve as an asset in times of crisis and is a enduring source of personal fulfillment.

A sampling of programs includes:

A Tale of Two Women A Multifaith Reading of the Sarah Hagar Narrative

The story of Abraham – and Sarah and Hagar the mothers of his children – is at the heart of three major religions. In this panel discussion, women of the Jewish, Christian and Islamic faiths discussed the biblical narrative of Sarah and Hagar as a means of recognizing each other’s common humanity.
Esther Kister

Reconciling Religious Values and the Universal Entitlement to Human Rights

In 2006, the State of Victoria (Australia) introduced a Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities. A similar bill at the federal level is now under consideration. Panelists in this program will engaged in an inter-religious dialogue to explore both the relationship and the incompatibility between human rights theory and traditional religious values.
Dr. Helen Szoke, Cardinal George Pell


Can my own search for inner peace affect others?

For some, spirituality is personal, quiet and contemplative; for others, it is outward and active. But for all, spirituality implies a deeper involvement with the world and a more empathetic understanding of others. At the 2009 Parliament, we gained insight into worldwide spiritualities as practiced individually and communally. We saw how wisdom nearly always finds its way from the one to the many.





Programming also included:
  • Baha'i morning devotional gatherings
  • The Seven Valleys: The Sacred Journey in Search of the Beloved
  • The Hindu Temple and The Journey Within
  • A Religion of Heatlhy Mindedness - New Thought’s Uniquely American Contribution to the Arena of New Religious Community
  • Monastic Interreligious Dialogue: Dialogue at the Level of Spiritual Practice and Experience
  • The Sacred Art of Listening: Hearing From the Heart
  • Spiritual Companionship: Listening with a Grateful Heart
  • Heal the World through Buddhist teachings
and more!





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