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2009 Parliament

Daily Youth Sessions & Workshops

The Daily Youth Sessions and Workshops are the engine of the Youth Program and will provide loads of opportunities to listen and be heard.

The interactive workshops accompanying each session will take place on the same day as the session.

All Sessions will start at 11.30am

All Workshops will start at 2.30pm


Mother Nature Doesn't Do Bailouts – Friday 4th December

The environment is in crisis. And no other generation will be more affected by this crisis in the future than today’s younger generation. So what can you do at home, in the workplace and in your own faith communities to minimise the impact of this global environmental reality?

Find out what particular faith communities around the world are doing to actively look after the environment, and what you can do as an individual at home or on the job to make a difference.

Speakers include Miriam Pepper (Secretary, Australian Religious Response to Climate Change), Alana Smith (National Vision Generation Director, World Vision Australia), Stuart Hall (Lead Architect, Tasmanian Baha’i Centre of Learning), Josh Stanton (Rabbinical student, Hebrew Union College), Isobel Arthen (Environmental Activist and Member of Earthspirit Community), Tony Le-Nguyen, Community Development Coordinator, Quang Minh Buddhist Temple.

Facilitated by Nathan Hunter and Rinchen Norbu, Youth Committee, 2009 Parliament of the World’s Religions



Talkin' ‘Bout My Generation – Saturday 5th December

Our parents grew up in a very different world than the one we are now. Some in a very different country to the one we live in now. With the progress of society comes change and with that change comes challenges. Add religion, culture and a move to foreign lands to the mix and the challenges become even more complex. Hear the stories of young people and their parents from Buddhist, Jewish, Muslim and Sikh backgrounds as they share how they were able to navigate the challenges between the generations.

Speakers include Manny Waks (Jewish), Heba Ibrahim (Muslim), Mala Wijenayake and Shakila Wijenayake (Buddhist), Kuldeep Singh and Tej Kaur (Sikh).

Facilitated by Anna Hutchens and Alice Chew, the Centre for Multicultural Youth.


Removal: The Indigenous Reality – Sunday 6th December

Listen to the stories of Aboriginal Australians, Native Americans and the indigenous people of Nagaland about removal and the impact it has had on them and their community, and how it has manifested itself in today’s society.


Speakers include Melissa Brickell (Coordinator Aboriginal Partnerships, MacKillop Family Services), Darlene St Clair (Bdewakantunwan Dakota), Visopiano Sanyü (Nagaland) and Leo Killsback (Northern Cheyenne).


Facilitated by Mathew Crane, Jim-baa-yer Indigenous Unit (Victoria), Centre for Indigenous Education and Research, Australian Catholic University, Kevin Locke, Lakota elder.

Workshop will be a collaboration with the Ethnic Youth Council.


Does the Media Have Faith? – Monday 7th December

It’s fair to say that religion does not get a good wrap in the media. Nine times out of ten the story is negative. But where does the responsibility lie in changing the way the media reports on religion? Come hear from journalists, young religious people in the public sphere and religious leaders on where the change needs to take place and who needs to take the first step.


Speakers include Nasya Bahfen (Journalist, ABC Radio), Anna Halafoff (Researcher for the UNESCO Chair in Interreligious and Intercultural Relations, Asia Pacific), Rabbi Ralph Genende (participant, Religious Leaders Media Training), Nazeem Hussain (Comedian, Salam Cafe), Barney Zwartz (Religion Editor, The Age), Erin Williams (Media Coordinator, Interfaith Youth Core, Valarie Kaur, Filmmaker.


Facilitated by Peter Kent, Strategic Counsel, Porter Novelli.



Sports as a Tool for Peace – Tuesday 8th December

We all know the Middle East is a troubled region. But how often do we hear good news stories about the Middle East? Not often enough. Well thank goodness for the Australian Football League (AFL) and the 2008 AFL Peace Team. In this session you will hear the inspirational stories of players, the coach, and the people who made it possible for 30 young men from Israel and Palestine to come together for the sake of Aussie Rules football and peace.


Speakers include Tanya Oziel (Executive Director, the Peres Centre for Peace – Australian Chapter), Robert ‘Dipper’ DiPierdomenico (Match day coach, 2008 AFL Peace Team), Kamal Aboalthom (Palestinian co-captain, 2008 Peace Team), Nick Hatzoglou (Multicultural Project Officer, AFL)


Facilitated by Michael Korman, Youth Committee, 2009 Parliament of the World’s Religions, and Gemma McDonald, Youth Community Organiser, 2009 Parliament of the World’s Religions.


Workshop will be an offsite footy training clinic – a collaboration with the AFL.

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