Council for a Parliament of the World's Religions
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2009 Parliament

Intrareligious Programs

The Parliament will include the opportunity for religious communities to express their values, their vibrancy and their commitments. Many of these sessions are combined panels, to allow for multiple voices from each religious tradition, and to express a variety of perspectives from different geographic locations. All the religious traditions will be included, along with spiritual and non- religious perspectives. The evolving set includes:

Pure Mind, Pure Land – A New Lifestyle for World Harmony

Venerable Jian Hu

A sutra says, “When the mind is pure, the land is pure.” This “pure land” is a healthy environment in which all beings live in harmony and contentment. Applying Buddhist principles, Venerable Jian Hu will draw a road map to this pure land. This talk examines how the suffering of human beings and damage to our planet can be traced to the three main pollutants of the mind -- greed, anger, and ignorance. To reverse the trend, we must go further than eco-concerns to embrace awareness and deep mindfulness in our families, our educational institutions, and our businesses.

Christian Perspectives on Forgiveness

This program will feature panel discussions and workshops exploring the topic of forgiveness from a Christian viewpoint. It will present a number of approaches to this subject matter including how to break the power of hate, a tool for releasing resentments and regrets, and a workshop on how to overcome the memories and the pains of past wounds.

Yasus Afari

Rastafari: the Livity of Spirituality

Yasus Afari

This program will present the worldview of the Rastafarian faith: its history, way of life, and worship. It will focus on the Rastafarian approach to family life, its involvement in music and the arts, and its philosophy of political and environmental liberation. This presentation will demonstrate how building love, justice, and confidence can secure social harmony, peace, and a sustainable future.

The Headscarf Debates: Religious Dress & Secular Fundamentalism

Janaan Hashim; Dr. Merve Kavakci; Ms. Mehrezia Labidi-Maiza

Continuing their conversation from the 2004 Barcelona Parliament, three women from very different countries will share their experience of creating cultural conditions for wearing the headscarf (hijab) in the public sphere. These women will discuss recent challenges and describe how views of the hijab have changed. They will also suggest directions for the future – both for themselves and for the interfaith community.

Painting the Torah

The Jewish contribution to visual art is very little known. Through more than 50 solo exhibitions in Australia and New Zealand, Victor Majzner's career has brought Jewish ideas, Jewish images, and Jewish perspectives to the art world. This program will enable an interfaith community to see and hear a Jewish view of art in general and Biblical Art in particular.

Jain Heritage and Education for Peace and Harmony

Jainism has always had a deep ecological awareness. This consciousness extends even to the microscopic creatures of the earth and water; Jains have always held that only if the ecological balance is protected will humanity continue to thrive. This presentation of Jain heritage has captivated young and old, Indians and foreigners, whose minds have been opened to this ancient eco-socio-spiritual philosophy.

The Hindu Temple and the Journey Within

Alan Croker

The Hindu temple is a three dimensional diagram of the subtle levels of existence. It is a metaphor for the journey of the worshipper from the world manifest to the divinity within. Through images and diagrams, this talk will build understanding and appreciation for the extraordinary wealth and depth of meaning embodied in these sacred places.


Programming will also include:


  • Rastafarian Spirituality - led by Rasta Ambassador Yasus Afari
  • There are No Back Row Seats in the Hoop of Life
  • The Seven Valleys: The Sacred Journey in Search of the Beloved
  • Rissho Kosei-Kai - Lotus Sutra Presentation
  • Introduction to Big Mind Big Heart
  • Revered or Redundant
  • Christians and Indigenous Peoples
  • Christianity in Asia: Cooperation and Tensions
  • Christian Women and the Interreligious Movement
  • Christians on Interfaith Initiatives
  • Christian Perspectives on the Environment
  • Orthodoxy in Australia: Current and Future Perspectives
  • The Hindu Temple and The Journey Within
  • Ramayana: Healing the Earth, Healing the Self
  • Meditation for Earth
  • Hindu Perspectives on Interfaith Understanding
  • ISKCON/Hare Krishna Panel
  • The Cohesive role of Religion in the Indian Diaspora
  • The Doctrine of Discovery and Indigenous Peoples
  • Sri Chinmoy: A Spirituality of Transformation
  • Global Leadership and Peace
  • Basic Tenets and Karma in Jainism
  • Jainism and the Environment
  • Jaina Doctrine of Ahimsa and Sustainable Living
  • Jain Heritage and Education for Peace and Harmony
  • Jain Perspective of Non-Violence and Self Control and a Model for Education
  • Food and Compassion: A Spiritual Challenge/The Global Food Crisis as a Spiritual Challenge
  • Faith, Governance and the Society: Islam & Politics
  • The Headscarf Debates: Religious Dress & Secular Fundamentalism
  • Muslim Women Securing their Own Individuality: Different Societies, Same Struggle
  • Analyze This!: Views of Young Saudi, British and Canadian Muslim Women on Their Faith and Evolving Roles.  (Parts  I & II)
  • Sufism and Reconciliation
  • Sufism: Rumi and Other Sufi Leaders Struggle for Inner Peace
  • Studying for Enlightenment: The Corrective Importance of Islamic Education for Social Cohesion
  • Islamic Finance: The Compassionate Approach to Market and Money
  • Muslim Women's Artistic Expressions of Faith and Interfaith
  • African American Muslims: Mirrors for Global Justice
  • Muslim Women's Contributions to a More Just and Sustainable World
  • War and Peace in Al-Islam: The Prophet's Struggle
  • Applying Islamic Principles for a Just and Sustainable World
  • How Islam Deals with  Social Justice, Gender Justice and Religious Diversity "
  • Women's Rights as Human Rights in Islam
  • Tolerance and Unity Among Muslims for Muslims Worldwide: The Amman Message and Beyond
  • A Religion of Healthy Mindedness: New Thought’s Uniquely American Contribution to the Arena of New Religious Community
  • The Common Enterprise of Peace-building: A New Model for Spiritually Motivated Social Action Within, Among, & Beyond Communities of Faith
  • The Spiritual Tradition of Scientology
  • A Course in Miracles Unleashed
  • Men Who Love the Goddess
  • Sikh Principles and Articles of Faith
  • Sikhism and Interfaith Understanding
  • Gender Equality and the Sikh Faith
  • Preservation of Sikh Heritage
  • Sikh Diaspora
  • Sikh Youth Issues

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