Council for a Parliament of the World's Religions
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2009 Parliament

Healing the Earth with Care and Concern

For many religious communities, caring for the environment is an essential expression of faith. At the Parliament, you’ll experience dozens of keynote speakers, seminars, debates, workshops, discussions and more on topics including local farming, reducing energy consumption, mitigating climate change, the growth of green architecture, and more.

A sampling of programs from the 2009 Parliament includes:

Mary Evelyn Tucker

Thomas Berry and the Great Work of Our Time

Thomas Berry is one of the world’s foremost experts on the ecological crisis facing our planet. This panel discussed how Berry’s work can lead to targeted action that heals the environment through deepening the spiritual practices of the world’s religious traditions.
Mary Evelyn Tucker, John Grim, Christopher Key Chapple, Anne Marie Dalton

Religious Leaders for a Sustainable Future

The Southern African Faith Communities’ Environment Institute seeks to build a sustainable future for all life on earth through cooperation between diverse faith traditions. This program presented a vision that links environmental challenges with the issues of social and economic justice based on what unites rather than divides various faith communities.
Southern African Faith Communities’ Environment Institute

Solutions to Climate Change

The Australian Conservation Foundation has a vision for creating a sustainable Australia that will do its part to reduce global climate change. This program addressed the specifics of the ecological crisis from a spiritual perspective including the problem of over-consumption and how non-violent direct action can help to motivate much needed change.
Australian Conservation Foundation



Knowing where we stand: our obligation to the earth and to each other

Because creating a sustainable, healthy world is of high concern to many religious traditions, it is a major focus of the Parliament. For Indigenous communities and many others, the natural world is more than home and shelter. It is the heart and essence of sacred spirituality. The Parliament is a forum to share our hopes, dreams and achievements in protecting, sustaining and repairing the earth. We are working with GreenFaith Australia as well as The Forum on Religion and Ecology at Yale to develop sustainability programs for the Parliament.

The Parliament offers an unparalleled opportunity to showcase the partnership between communities and other guiding institutions in pursuing practical approaches for mitigating the many challenges to our environment and implementing new solutions.






Programming also included:

    • The Human Face of Climate Change
    • Indigenous Traditions and Sacred Sites
    • Selections from the new film Journey of the Universe
    • East Asian Perspectives on Ecology
    • Plant Perspectives
    • Christianity and Ecology
    • The challenge of the Ecological Crisis to the World's Religions: Religious Responses
    • New Directions in Asian Religions and Ecology (India)
    • New Directions in Asian Religions and Ecology (Southeast Asia)
    • Protecting the Rain Forest
    • Green Buildings, Green Cities – An Ethical Path Forward
    • Caring Practices for the Earth
    • China’s Environmental Crisis:  Drawing Wisdoms from the Ancients Dao
    • Earth Charter as a Global Ethics for a Sustainable Future
    • Religion and Water Issues in the Middle East
    • Religious Responses to the Earth Charter
    • Transitioning to a Sustainable Future
    • Local Religious and Atheist Advocacy for a Sustainable Future: Multiple International Sites
    • Climate Change and Preserving the Culture of Tuvalu: A Case Study From the Immigration Museum on Working with Communities at Risk
    • Reverence for the Earth

And more!




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