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Service Projects

Done with talking? Want to feel useful? Love the feeling you get when you help others? One of our Service Projects should be right up your alley then.

Roll up your sleeves and get out into the community with any (or all) of the Service Projects on offer. Service Projects will run during the day at various times from Fri 4 Dec – Tues 8 Dec.


Sacred Heart Mission Market Garden

Friday 4th December
1pm – 4.30pm

Bring your shovels, bring your gardening gloves and bring your appetite for fresh air as you work in this community market garden.
Max Number of participants - 40

Samaritan’s Purse

Saturday 5th December
8am – 3pm

The ‘Black Saturday’ bushfires that devastated parts of Victoria this February, killing nearly 200 people, also had a profound effect on Victorians and Australians alike. An amazing sense of compassion and incredible amounts of generosity from all sectors of society were a sight to behold. Be part of the relief effort by re-wiring fences on properties damaged by the fires.
Max number of participants – 27

Quang Minh Buddhist Temple

Sunday 6th December
11am – 3pm

Plant trees, keep the Temple grounds looking beautiful and mix with the local Vietnamese Buddhist community over lunch.
Max number of participants - 30


Monday 7th December
2pm – 5pm

CERES (the Centre for Education and Research in Environmental Strategies) is an internationally recognised model of a sustainable society located in Brunswick. Get stuck into some gardening and catch some sunshine in this inner city park.
Max number of participants - 40

Lentil As Anything

Tuesday 8th December
7am – 10am

Lentil as Anything is a unique vegetarian restaurant run as a not-for-profit community organisation and staffed largely by volunteers. Staff are delaying opening time so you can help cook in the kitchens and do some handy-person work around the site.
Breakfast included with service.
Max number of participants - 30

Sign up for Service Projects will be available at the Parliament and will be allocated on a ‘first come, first served basis’. Maximum numbers will apply and preference will be given to participants who are 18 – 30 years.

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