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2009 Parliament

Australian Contemporary Art Exhibition: The Spirit Within

Room 112, 4 – 9 December

This important exhibition brings together key Australian works which explore the inner life of the artists, their deepest concerns and their search for meaning. Its fifteen works bring together some of the traditions of multifaith Australia. For inspiration, they turn to a variety of traditions and sacred writings, including Aboriginal, Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism and Judaism.


Aboriginal elders Ginger Riley Munduwalawala, Eubena Nampitjin and Michael Riley as well as Arthur Boyd, Marianne Baillieu, Shoufay Derz, Phillip George, Fatima Killeen, Euan Macleod, Victor Majzner, James Powditch, Louise Rippert, Claudia Terstappen and Kim Hoa Tram.


Arthur Boyd, Crucifixion and Rose 1979-1980
Oil on Canvas, Bundanoon Trust Collection


Arthur Boyd, Crucifixion Shoalhaven 1979-1980
Oil on Canvas, Bundanoon Trust Collection


Ginger Riley Muduwalwala Ngak Ngak and the four arches 1990
Courtesy of Alcaston Gallery, Melbourne


Claudia Terstappen Mamukala 1, Australia 2003


Fatima Killeen Peace is in the Period of Struggle


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