Council for a Parliament of the World's Religions
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2009 Parliament

Enhancing Religious Leadership for the Future

This symposium is presented in partnership with The
Elijah Interfaith Institute.

The Elijah Board of World Religious Leaders, a group
of scholars representing diverse religious and spiritual
traditions, recently gathered to discuss “The Future of
Religious Leadership.” They prepared study materials
about how leadership is understood in each tradition, addressing
questions such as: What is the goal of religious
or spiritual leadership? What challenges have leaders
always faced or are facing anew today? How should future
leaders be trained? These questions are now the focus of
a workshop symposium at the 2009 Parliament. In each
session, participants will explore what leadership means
to another tradition, using the papers produced by the
recent gathering as guides. To maintain a continuity of
discussion as each tradition is explored in turn throughout
the week, this symposium will be held during the Open
Space time slot and will require advance registration,
limited to thirty participants, with a commitment to participate
in all sessions. Priority will be given to religious
and spiritual leaders and leaders-in-training. To register,
please email before
the Parliament or visit the Open Space sign-up table at
the Parliament. See page 134 for more information about
Open Space sessions.

See program book for full descriptions.



Enhancing Religious Leadership for the Future 1of 3
4 Dec 4:30-6:00pm Room 111
Enhancing Religious Leadership for the Future 2 of 3
7 Dec 4:30-6:00pm Room 111
Enhancing Religious Leadership for the Future 3 of 3
8 Dec 4:30-6:00pm Room 111