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2009 Parliament

Global Ethics and Religion Forum Symposium

“War and the Role of Religion in a Just and Sustainable World”


Schedule Change

The details of this symposium have changed since the printing of the program book. Please download updated details here.

December 5, 6, 7 & 8, 2009

In an increasingly interdependent world, the destructive power of war continues to loom over the lives of people in many parts of the globe.  War has taken on frightening new forms as technology has provided new forms of weaponry, and as the dynamics of war have expanded to engulf whole populations and environments.  Arrayed against deep human aspirations to live in a harmony and peace, the persistence of war threatens justice and sustainable living and poses a daunting challenge to the world’s religions. 

This Symposium aims to address these challenges through an analysis of the theory of Just War, a doctrine with a long history of religious reflection.  This doctrine holds that armed conflict must be restrained by clearly articulated ethical criteria. In collaboration with the Global Ethics and Religion Forum, an educational non-profit dedicated to promoting global ethical responsibility, this Symposium will address the need for a revised and complete ethics of war and peace for a just world.  The multi-religious panels offered on this subject will explore a some of the most salient ways in which the role of religious traditions in just war thinking intersect with and can be brought to bear upon important dimensions of human and planetary sustainability: 

Panel 1:  “World Religions Perspectives on Justice, War and Peace”
Panel 2:  “Religion and the Future of Military Humanitarian Intervention in a Just and Sustainable World” 
Panel 3:  “The Role of Religion in Post War Reconciliation, Treaties, Constitutions and International Law”
Panel 4:  “What is Peace in a Just and Sustainable World?”