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An Interfaith Davos Moment

By Eli Beer
From Huffington Post

Very few people in the world will ever have the chance to experience an “interfaith moment” quite like mine.

There I stood in Davos, Switzerland at the World Economic Forum with three smiling new friends from the four corners of the earth. Laughing side-by-side were members of all the major religions of the world; a Christian, a Muslim, a Buddhist, and a Jew. It was a “congregation” of social entrepreneurs completely diverse in culture and faith and yet immediately bonded by an overarching belief — the belief in life.

Together we were united by the fundamental teaching of all our religions; love your neighbor as you love yourself. It doesn’t matter where you live, what language you speak, or what spiritual orientation you have, at the end of the day we are all connected by same sanctity of life and mortal blood that runs through our veins.

This appreciation for life is what started United Hatzalah of Israel and is the belief that has made our non-profit, volunteer emergency first response organization such a success.

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