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Church Leaders Appeal for Unity in Mexico as National Elections Draw Near

from ENI News

Young leaders at Confraternity of Disciples of Christ Evangelical Christian Churches of Mexico meeting in February 2012. Leaders of the Confranternity are working to reduce intolerance and political fanaticism before Mexico’s upcoming national elections. Photo from


Disciples of Christ leaders in Mexico are calling for Christians to put political rancor aside as citizens prepare to vote on 1 July in what has been a contentious presidential campaign season.

Political fanaticism and intolerance during the presidential election process have damaged relationships among families, communities and the people, and also those between brothers and sisters in the church, said Pastor Josué Martínez Cisneros, President of the Confraternity of Disciples of Christ Evangelical Christian Churches of Mexico.

“The Church today is called to practice solidarity, to be prudent and conscientious, It has to put aside the hatred, bitterness and intolerance that lead to fractured lives and undone families that face violence because of them,” Cisneros said in a statement.

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