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Interfaith Caravan of Hope Pushing Immigration Reform Beyond Borders (EVENT)

Immigrants to the United States are often targets of anti-religious bias due to the hostile nature of the immigration debate in our country.  A caravan scheduled April 29 – May 31, 2013 by The CHIP foundation, an (International Humanitarian Coalition for Immigration) in East San Diego, CA will utilize faith and spirituality across traditions to reach a higher moral ground in public discourse on immigration.


From CHIP:

We seek to change the public discourse on immigration based on a higher moral ground rooted in faith and spirituality for the benefit of everyone. Empower, support and enable people’s voices to be heard out strongly. Encourage all Community, to address the social causes of immigration and violence that go hand to hand and locally ask to stop illegal gun flow to Mexico and tougher gun control measures, and further more we need to include in Immigration reform that stop all deportations to war zone Over the border Cities In México. We demand immediate remedy to the violence that is being perpetrated and Atrocities committed against immigrants in Mexico and along the US & Mexico border.

The ¨Interfaith Caravan of Hope for Immigration Reform Beyond Borders” is reaching out to people from faith-based organizations Bring diverse communities together on Common issues vilence and Immigration. This action seeks to offer organized religion the opportunity to take astronger and more unified stance in the struggle for immigrant rights an violence our families are facing together beyon Our bordders . More than 20 million illegal guns entering Mexico from the United States (80 % of military-style weapons of which fall into the hands of Mexico’s drug trafficking organizations), deportation of a record 1.5 million migrants, the 22,000 kidnapped and additional 70,000 migrants who have disappeared, and the more than 50,000 violent deaths due to this war on drugs, have created a humanitarian crisis the proportions of which we have never before seen in Mexico, Mexican Revolution included. 

We are supporting Father Alejandro Solalinde and Heyman Vasques and many other priests, pastors, and also mothers, fathers, sisters, and brothers of the Central Americans who have been kidnapped, sexually assaulted, mutilated or even murdered who have been the unwitting victims of a bi-national immigration enforcement system, created by the United States and Mexico.

Immigration enforcement deportation of a record 1.5 million migrants.

The United States now has the opportunity to recognize that the crisis of forced migration extends well beyond its own borders, and is largely responsible for setting an international agenda that has severely neglected the needs of millions in its effort to expand its economic influence in Latin America. That expanded influence has come at a great cost to millions in Central America and Mexico, who are left with no other option but to migrate to the United States, and in so doing, are forced to travel through Mexico, a country that has become a haven for criminal activity perpetrated against migrants, where there is no accountability and corruption is rampant.
The ¨Interfaith Caravan of Hope for Immigration Reform Beyond Borders” is a partnership of faith-based and other allied organizations in the US and Mexico that are joining and supporting Father Alejandro Solalinde and the Caravan of Hope in its Journey through the United States this April 29 to May 31st.

On this Caravan, we want to put a face to this issue and show how the daily violence has impacted families across the region. We urge that President Obama immediately put an end to deportations, pass comprehensive immigration reform, and stop the flow of arms to Mexico in order to end the humanitarian crisis and bloodshed our families witness daily. 

The immigration problem extends beyond the United States border, and does not begin on the US southern border with Mexico. The deportation of 1.5 million migrants and the 20 million illegal guns entering Mexico, with 80% of them going directly into the hands of the cartels, will never make the US secure. By contrast, instability grows without addressing the problem from a bi-national, shared responsibility framework to address the humanitarian disaster growing by the day just across the border.

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