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Pre-Parliament Tumpek Krulut Compassion Day Event In Bali Celebrates Interfaith Harmony Week

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Tumpek Krulut Compassion Day is celebrated every six months in Bali, but the recent krulut day at Goa Gajah in Bedulu Village was a special one. The “2nd Sharing Creating Offering Art” event on January 31, 2015 was organized to celebrate the Krulut Day combined with the United Nations World Interfaith Harmony Week, and as a Pre-Parliament of the World’s Religions event.Tumpek Kurulut Day is a holy day in Bali for giving thanks to God the great unity-as manifested in Dewa Iswara- for creating sacred sounds or sacred music in the beauty of art. Tumpek Krulut is also Compassion Day towards all living beings. The word lulut means “uniting the heart with sundaram (beauty),” so that thoughts become peaceful.

The Community of Bedulu Village under the coordination of the Village Chief and Customary Chief; Padepokan Lemah Putih; International Foundation for Dharma Nature Time; GEOKS – Geria Olah Kreativitas Seni; Pancer Langit Bali; Gianyar Regency Office of Culture; and Gianyar Regency Office of Tourism celebrated the Tumpek Krulut Compassion Day with more than 450 artists, culture specialists, and religious leaders from Bali, several other Indonesian provinces and 30 nations plus 150 additional audience.

The Senior Advisor on the Protection of Creative Diversity in the Ministry of Tourism of the Republic of Indonesia Drs. Hari Untoro Drajat and the Director for Public Diplomacy in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia, Mr. Al Busyra Basnur, also attended this intercultural event.

In addition to traditional and contemporary artistic performances in the Goa Gajah handicraft market and gardens, a very valuable discussion session also took place on “The Contributions of Ethnic Cultures to the Prosperity of the World’s Communities” conducted by Dr. Wayan Dibia (GEOKS – Singapadu, Bali); Dr. Kusumita Pedersen (Council for a Parliament of the World’s Religions trustee); and Drs. I Wayan Patera (Chief of the Samuan Tiga temple).

Dr. Diane Butler, the Co-Charter Founder and President of International Foundation for Dharma Nature Time, and Suprapto Suryodarmo, the Founder of Padepokan Lemah Putih, further reported about this event that sharing among artists, culture specialists, religious leaders, market vendors and society grows a spirit of gotong royong (mutual cooperation). Inspired by the essence of Tumpek Krulut Compassion Day, this sharing will be useful for efforts to increase mutual understanding, harmony, and prosperity for humanity throughout the world, and in particular, based on the values of unity in diversity.

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The Pluralism Project Features the 2009 Parliament in Melbourne

The Pluralism Project at Harvard University has released a video as part of its “Educating Religious Leaders for a Multi-Religious World” initiative. The video focuses on the 2009 Parliament in Melbourne and the Council’s partnership with the Henry Luce Foundation. This partnership allowed for students and faculty of 15 theological institutions in the U.S. to participate at the Melbourne Parliament. While there, they expressed their findings as well as questions they encountered as members of a broader experience leading up to the events in Melbourne, which included coursework at their respective universities centered upon this theme of preparing religious leaders in a multi-religious world.

Click here to be taken to The Pluralism Project’s site.

Archived Events: Indonesia

In September 2009, the Anand Ashram Foundation organized an exuberant series of events in promotion of the Melbourne Parliament of Religions.  The events took place in Jakarta, Yogyakarta and Bali and included peace campaigns, interfaith harmony meetings and expositions.

To see a video montage of this event and to learn more, click here.

Esperanza (Hope) in Guadalajara

The Fundación Carpe Diem, Fundación Ética Mundial de México, Centro de Estudios Filosóficos Tomás de Aquino and Fundación Cultural Hombre y Mundo will be hosting a Pre-Parliament Event titled “Esperanza: Oportunidades del Pluralismo Religioso y Espiritual” (Hope: Opportunities for Religious and Spiritual Pluralism).  The event will take place on October 21st and 22nd and will include conferences, art and film, round table discussions and more. For more information, click here.

Pre-Parliament Event: The Santa Fe Festival of Faiths

Blessings Interfaith Gatherings is organising the Santa Fe Festival of Faiths as a Pre-Parliament Event this upcoming October 18th to 25th.  The schedule includes an Opening Ceremony and Expo, films, lectures, book signings, labyrinths, panel discussions, prayer circles and more.

To learn more about this event, click here.

To download a printable program, click here.

Interfaith Forum on Global Climate Change in Canberra

The Australian Centre for Christianity and Culture will organise a Pre-Parliament Event titled “Interfaith Forum on Global Climate Change” this upcoming October 18th.  The event will focus on the global implications of climate change and will feature speakers and a discussion panel.  For more information, click here.

Connecting for Compassionate Action in Seattle

The Compassionate Action Network will host a Pre-Parliament Event titled “Connecting for Compassionate Action” this upcoming October 17th.  Participants will structure the event around the question: “How shall we create a regional compassionate action network that meets the needs of local communities and active people and also scales to a global level?”  For more information, click here.

A World of Possibilities

The Parliament of Religions is an intentionally international event. Including Melbourne 2009, the event will have been hosted on four continents, and the Parliament brings together religious adherents from dozens of different faith traditions.  It makes sense that our registrants would be equally diverse.

The registration analysis isn’t complete, but we have already confirmed attendance from over sixty different nations.  From Malaysia to Canada, from Zimbabwe to Iran, from Nepal to Guatemala and of course Australia, the Parliament has found its way across the breadth and width of the world.  This is seen in a variety of programming, from our many Pre-Parliament Events to the Partner Cities Network.

As our registration increases, the world grows closer and closer.

The world will come together in Melbourne this December.

We hope to see you there!

Interfaith as an Active Spiritual Expression in Litchfield

A World Alliance of Interfaith Clergy will host a Pre-Parliament Event titled “Interfaith as an Active Spiritual Expression” this upcoming October 16th to 18th.  The event will feature workshops and speakers.  To learn more, click here.

The Arts and Bridges Project in Minneapolis

The Interfaith Bridging Initiative, the Iraqi American Reconciliation Project and Sabes Jewish Community Center will be hosting a Pre-Parliament Event titled “The Arts and Bridges Project: A Celebration of the Power of Art to Overcome Differences” this upcoming October 15th and 22nd.  The event will feature lectures and music and will be anchored in two art exhibits titled Near and Far and Images from Mesopotamia.  For more information, click here.