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Minefields and Miracles Launches on May 15!

With the release of a new book by Ruth Broyde-Sharone, an effort is underway to demonstrate the need for booksellers to establish a new category of books concerning the interfaith movement. Those who wish to buy the book are encouraged to coordinate their purchase of the book on it’s release date: May 15, 2012.

Learn more about the book and this effort

Americans are Polarized on Religion but Agreeable About It

By Katie Glaeser and Emma Lacey-Bordeaux
From CNN

Forget the economy. Debate about contraception, abortion, same-sex marriage, even Satan, has attracted just as much attention on the presidential campaign trail in recent weeks.

While culture war issues make headlines galore, an exhaustive study of Americans’ religious attitudes shows the public as a whole might not find the debate so enticing.

Robert Putnam and David Campbell are authors of the recent book “American Grace: How Religion Divides and Unites Us” and say that Americans have a knack for being able to disagree about hot button issues without being disagreeable.

“America is very unusual in being able to live comfortably with the people we disagree with,” says Putnam, a Harvard University professor who also wrote the book “Bowling Alone.”

Putnam and Campbell, of Notre Dame University, spent several years surveying thousands of Americans, seeking to understand how voters deal with religious differences.

Their portrait of the American faithful does reveal some rising tension. Putnam and Campbell found that the nation has grown increasingly polarized as more people either strongly identify with a particular religion or avoid organized religion altogether. But this polarization doesn’t always mean conflict.

“If you only read the newspapers, you’d think that Americans really were at each others throats when it comes to religion” Campbell says.

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Exhibits at the Parliament

You’ve heard about our plenaries and major speakers.  You’re excited about the opportunity to meet delegates from around the world.  But did you know that the Melbourne Parliament will also be a great opportunity to learn about about a variety of causes, issues and perspectives directly from the source?

The Exhibition Centre at Melbourne will host over 70 exhibits including interactive video questions campaigns, promotional materials, educational resources, art exhibits by emerging artists, issue-driven initiatives, books, CDs and a Tibetan sand mandala.   Stay tuned to learn more about all of the opportunities waiting in Melbourne.