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The Patheos Public Square

As you may have noticed, the main page of the Parliament of Religions has been recently energized by a series of images and questions. That’s why we’re so happy to see that our partners at are taking on compelling questions on their own website.

The Public Square is the center of vigorous interfaith conversation at  With a different subject assigned each week, members are able to wade deep into issues of serious social, political, cultural and theological import.

This week’s discussion revolves around the role of religion in democracy and vice versa. The page offers an overview of the subject (“Does Democracy Need Religion?”), a forum to discuss and blog about the question and survey snapshots and visuals to graphically distill a religious perspective into a tangible format. Finally, a drop down menu on the Public Square page offers viewers the opportunity to access arguments written from within specific faith traditions.

At the Council, we’re betting you have both informed and articulate opinions on the current question of politics and religion. Why not click over to and join the conversation?