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Becoming a Welcoming Nation: It’s Good for the Economy!

by Abdul Malik Mujahid
from Huffington Post

Kim suddenly started hitting his chest. I thought he had a medical emergency but before I could call the stewardess, he explained that he was just nervous after watching a video about the immigration process before landing in Chicago. Kim is a junior at a high school in South Korea and was visiting the United States for a couple of months. He was sitting next to me on an American Airlines flight from Tokyo.

Kim was not the only one subject to the bad treatment. Hundreds and thousands of people go through this every day including diplomats, businessmen and journalists. The same week, former Indian President Abdul Kalam was frisked for explosives and humiliated by airport security in New York — a violation of an established protocol. He was fully identified and this was not his first time either. A couple of years ago he went through the same problem.

Kim’s nervousness is not unfounded. Seventy percent of mostly Western European travelers also showed extreme levels of anxiety saying when traveling to the United States; they fear U.S. immigration more than terrorists or criminals. It is then no wonder that travel from Germany, Japan, and the United Kingdom has actually dropped during the last ten years. These three countries along with Canada and Mexico account for about 75 percent of all travelers to the United States.

February 1st, 2012 at 10:33 am

Dr Hans Küng calls for Roman Catholic Reforms

Parliament major speaker Dr Hans Küng called on the Vatican to heed reform calls in the Roman Catholic Church,  The Age reported today.  ”Already the successor of this Pope will have to face the situation that churches are more and more empty, and parishes are without pastors, and communities are dissolving,” Küng said, arguing that reforms not discussed during Vatican II must be acknowledged soon.

Dr Hans Küng is the president of the Global Ethic Foundation of Tübingen University.  On Monday he launched his economic ethical manifesto at the Parliament of the World’s Religions.

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