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Life on Planet Eaarth: An Interview with Environmental Activist Bill McKibben

From The Huffington Post

Bill McKibben is a leading American environmental writer and activist. Over the last two decades he has helped to educate and mobilize untold numbers of people on issues of global warming, alternative energy sources and localized economies.In 2010, Time magazine described him as “the world’s best green journalist.” In 2009, his organization,, planned what Foreign Policy magazine described as “the largest ever global coordinated rally of any kind,” with 5,200 simultaneous demonstrations in 181 countries.

As part of my preparation for the Jewish holiday of Tu B’Shvat — the Jewish New Year of the Trees (celebrated this year on Jan. 19-20)– I spoke with Bill about his current environmental thinking and work.

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Overview of World Religions and Ecology


The environmental crisis is one that is well documented in its various interlocking manifestations of industrial pollution, resource depletion, and population explosion. The urgency of the problems are manifold, namely, the essential ingredients for human survival, especially water supplies and agricultural land, are being threatened across the planet by population and consumption pressures. With the collapse of fishing industries and with increasing soil erosion and farm land loss, serious questions are being raised about the ability of the human community to feed its own offspring. Moreover, the widespread destruction of species and the unrelenting loss of habitat continue to accelerate. Climate change threatens to undermine efforts to reverse these trends and to move toward a sustainable future for humans and nature.

Clearly religions need to be involved with the development of a more comprehensive worldview and ethics to ground movements toward sustainability.

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