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Islamic Community of Calgary Planning Interfaith Dialogue

by Mario Toneguzzi


The Islamic Supreme Council of Canada is planning to hold a national interfaith dialogue with Christian and Jewish leaders in Canada.

Calgary Imam Syed Soharwardy said the council wants to hold a series of interfaith dialogues in all major cities, including Montreal, Toronto, Mississauga, Halifax, Calgary, Edmonton, Saskatoon, Winnipeg, Surrey and Vancouver.

He said the purpose is to discuss: religious and secular fundamentalism and extremism in Canada; the role of religion in Canadian society; the impact of international events on faith communities and their relationships in Canada; the perceived threat of sharia law; Canadian values versus religious values; Jewish-Christian values versus Islamic values; freedom of speech and the freedom of religion in Canada and around the world; and improvements in interfaith relationships in Canada.

Soharwardy said more topics can be added for the discussion and other religious groups, including atheists and agnostics, can also participate in these dialogues.

“We are in communication with several Christian and Jewish organizations across the country and finalizing the dates of these meetings,” he said.

The Islamic Supreme Council of Canada is seeking assistance from all religious leaders and organizations to help and participate in this national dialogue.

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