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Cherokee 2012 Forgiveness Journey

In the spring of 2012 the Cherokee Healing and Wellness Coalition is collaborating with the United Keetoowah Band and Cherokee Nation in Oklahoma for a Journey to Forgiveness and Healing. The journey is an effort for the Cherokees to retrace the Trail of Tears to Oklahoma in 1838 back to Cherokee original homelands.  They will be stopping at significant places along the way where the Cherokees camped for healing up healing ceremonies. There will be conferences in Tahlequah, Oklahoma and Cherokee, NC with presentations about historical grief and intergenerational trauma and its effects.

The Journey to Forgiveness and Healing is one way to address how historical events, i.e. Trail of Tears and boarding schools, have continued to affect the Cherokee people for generations and how these events caused an almost near loss of our culture and identity primarily because of the forced removal, assimilation and acculturation process.  These past events have caused substance abuse, domestic violence, and various health and mental problems that continue to plague the Cherokee families today.

One of our objectives is to educate those who have experienced oppression through trauma on the psychological, physical and emotional levels.  They will become aware how this experience can have generational affects physically, spiritually, mentally and emotionally.

December 13th, 2011 at 5:46 pm