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The Parliament of Actions: We Are All in This Together

As we enter into the final days and hours before the Parliament of Religions in Melbourne, Australia, we would like to take some time to reflect on the work ahead. The 2009 Parliament will be ripe with promise and we can best engage this opportunity by considering worthy responses to the challenges of the world today. We invite you to view this series of eight public service announcements in preparation for your Parliament experience.

Our seventh announcement speaks to a fundamental question: “Why should we hold a Parliament of the World’s Religions?”

What is emerging at this particular moment in history is a worldwide recognition that we are all in this together. We are not going to survive and thrive living in a global neighborhood unless we all find ways to live and work together. East with west, women with men, youth with elders, those who define themselves as spiritual with those who define themselves as religious and people of goodwill. We can join hands, learning how we can be better citizens of the one earth together and live harmoniously with all races. We are not going to survive unless we learn to live in harmony with the earth and all of life.

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