Join "125th Anniversary" Days of Giving to Support the Parliament of the World's Religions


Please join the Parliament of the World's Religions in our 125th anniversary year to build a more peaceful, just, and sustainable world. We are asking all who affirm the power of interfaith cooperation, harmony, and action to create positive and lasting change in the world to stand with us this giving season with your generous donations, support, and outreach.



We're proud of our history, legacy, and have hope and big plans for our future. 

To elevate the work of the Parliament of the World’s Religions into 2019, we need people of love and care from around the world to join with us for our Days of Giving season, friends who believe in the power of interfaith cooperation to change the world and strengthen our capacity to together deliver changes the world needs. 

Your 125th-year anniversary gifts will help us: 

  • Connect faith communities working on climate commitments globally by developing a system map of commitment practitioners around the world, providing a forum for resource sharing, and creating a methodology for assessing individual and collective impact, as supported at the Parliament by the Arthur Vining Davis Foundation 
  • Increase celebrations of World Interfaith Harmony Week in February 2019, as supported at the Parliament by the John Templeton Foundation 
  • Renew attention to our signature document, the Global Ethic and its newest directive on Care for the Earth 
  • Promote Religious Response to Violence podcasts beginning January 2019 
  • Develop resources to expand work for women’s dignity, advancing justice, solidarity with Indigenous Peoples’, countering war, hate, & violence, climate action, and by the next generation Expand advocacy through our United Nations Task Force and, 
  • Identify our next Parliament host city 


Please join us in celebrating our 125th anniversary by donating generously to our Days of Giving season as we close 2018 and open a new year of hope. 

By offering a donor match, and/or by joining individually or through your organization as a 5-year sustaining member, your gift will be maximized, but no amount is too small. Let’s give people of faith and conscience around the world the best chance possible to come together to make a difference. 

With love and gratitude for 125 years, 

The Parliament of the World’s Religions


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