PoWR Climate Action Task Force Responds to Trump's Notice of Withdrawal from Paris Agreement

As the United States begins the process of withdrawing from the Paris Agreement, the Parliament’s Climate Action Task Force reasserts our unwavering commitment to climate action. As a signatory to the We Are Still In declaration, we join businesses, faith communities, and state and local governments to unequivocally affirm our promise to world leaders that we will not retreat from the global pact to reduce emissions and stem the causes of climate change, regardless of the policies of the United States government. 

“The science is clear -- climate change is real, the effects are happening now, and we are the cause,” said David Hales, Chair of the Parliament's Climate Action Task Force.

“No nation has contributed more to the Climate Emergency than the United States. Trump’s continuing denials violate his trust responsibility to the future and is inconsistent with America’s traditional values. The good news is that he is increasingly isolated in his ignorance, and his term as President is likely to end one day before this action takes effect.”

The Parliament’s Climate Action Program convenes the world’s religions and spiritual traditions to facilitate action to fight climate change. We have been inspired by the efforts of people of faith and their collaborations with each other in the true spirit of the interfaith movement. As we face the greatest existential threat to our future in the form of climate change, people of faith have made it clear they will not stand idly aside in the face of inaction.

Across the globe, we have been encouraged by the strong commitment of religious and spiritual communities working to preserve our common home. Younger generations have joined them with youth worldwide standing up for their right to a climate that supports all life.

The Parliament of the World’s Religions is committed to a culture of sustainability and care for the environment as reflected in the 5th Directive of the Global Ethic and the Declaration on Climate Action. Sign the declaration and endorse the 5th directive now!


The Parliament’s Climate Commitments Project provides a map of faith-based climate action around the world and a forum for communication and collaboration. In December we will launch Global Conversations, a series of dynamic discussions on climate change with a diverse global interfaith community.


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