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    The Interfaith Mission Service, which began in 1969, has a rich history of over 40 years of promoting religious harmony and interfaith dialogue, cultural and racial dialogue, and being an advocate for positive change in the Huntsville area.

    For 45+ years, the cooperative has been an incubator for many well-known agencies. We nurtured them through to independence. Today, they continue to serve the most vulnerable in our community. A few of these agencies are…

    • HELPLine (1970) and HOPEPlace (1982) – now part of Crisis Services.
    • CASA – the Care Assurance System for the Aging (1978).
    • Hospice (1980) – Funds were provided to start Hospice and train initial volunteers.
    • Community Counseling Center (1970) – now a part of the Family Services Center.
    • Living in Family Transition (LIFT) – low-cost housing (1982)
    • Food Bank of North Alabama (1984) – IMS provided seed funding.
    • FirstStop (2001) – services to the homeless

    INTERFAITH - For 23 years, the IMS cooperative has provided materials and expert presenters to schools, congregations, and civic groups seeking to understand the core beliefs of the world’s major religions. Among courses offered are The Abrahamic Faiths, Mysticism in the World’s Great Faiths, and Countering Islamophobia Through Education (CITE). All courses offer chances for interfaith dialogue and cooperation.

    DIRECT SERVICE -The FOODline pantry ministry coordinates among 15–20 congregations that have food pantries to provide emergency food to families in immediate need. FOODLine has been in operations since 1994, when requests for food assistance began to overwhelm the HELPLine system. In the past eight years, FOODline has served more than 93,000 men, women, and children in theHuntsville area, and the need continues to grow.

    SOCIAL JUSTICE - Social Justice Topic Studies offer small groups a way to engage a particular topic in a deliberative style rather than debate or advocacy. Topics being studied include constitutional reform, predatory lending, tax reform, death penalty, restorative justice, health care, and care for the environment. Course study guides explain why the topic is in the public conversation and provide a faith perspective, enabling the groups to find common themes for action.

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    To strengthen and enhance our congregations’ capabilities to meet human needs, participate in the public forum, and promote reli

    Website: http://www.interfaithmissionservice.org

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