The Tracks

1,997 people presented in 855 Sessions in 24 different program tracks to create a Parliament where literally anything could be seen, heard, or felt. From the world premier films to social debates to Tai Go drummers, the world truly came to the Salt Palace that October.

The INTRAfaith Tracks

At the 2015 Parliament, interfaith was bolstered and nuanced by “intrafaith.” Faith practitioners were given the opportunity to meet people from within their own religion, yet from vastly different cultural and historical contexts. Intrareligious tracks provided an opportunity to learn about the teachings, practices and dynamics of a wide variety of religious and spiritual communities, the resources and rationales from within these traditions for interreligious cooperation, and their approaches to major global concerns. Religious traditions with many such programs were grouped into their own tracks as were all morning spiritual observances.

The INTERfaith Tracks

The interreligious tracks focused on structured opportunities for dialogue with a wide range of interfaith panel discussions, films, and artistic works and performances from a variety of religious and spiritual perspectives.