The Parliament of the World’s Religions brings together the diverse religious traditions of the world in a very tangible way. But in 2015, this convergence of faiths is no longer limited to a single, physical event; the Parliament and its ideals live on through its platforms on the web, social media, and the Parliament App.

For the first time in its long history, the Parliament livestreamed the plenaries, as well as a selection of over 100 major programs, through its newly relaunched website.

A combined total of 15,500 hours were spent on the Parliament App during the 5-day event! Attendees were able to view and search day-to-day schedules of all programs and create their own personalized schedules, receive up-to-the-minute alerts schedule changes and special announcements, rate sessions and post their own pictures of those sessions to the app, learn about each speaker through bios, and gain access to detailed maps of Salt Lake City, the Salt Palace, and the Exhibit Hall. Most importantly, the app allowed individuals to connect with other Parliament attendees.

The Mobile App enabled its users to share content from the app to their favorite social media networks and friends, fulfilling the Parliament’s objective of engaging media as one of the world’s guiding institutions.

For the first time at a Parliament, hashtags were used to organize and track real-time storylines of the experience on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google+ pages.

#2015Parliament #Parliament2015 and #SLCPowr and #FaithInWomen were the top four hashtags, reaching over 23 million people around the globe through Twitter alone during the week of the Parliament.) Attendees filled up albums with photos snapped in Salt Lake, depicting encounters - casual, profound, and transformative- that can only be experienced by attending the Parliament. Through new connections on Facebook, these encounters stretched past the short week in Salt Lake City, eventually growing into future collaborations and an ever-strengthening global interfaith network born in the hallways of the Salt Palace