Press Registration Policy:

Thank you for your interest in attending the 2018 Parliament of the World's Religions in Toronto, Ontario, Canada as a member of the press.

Media credentials for the Parliament of the World’s Religions will be granted to a select group of journalists, bloggers, and media practitioners with a demonstrated record of reporting on issues of religious diversity, pluralism, interfaith engagement, and the intersections of critical global institutions and issues.

We aim to cultivate a diverse and international press pool that will help us tell the stories of the world’s premier global interfaith event, and report on the groundbreaking work that people of diverse religious, spiritual, and secular communities are achieving together as showcase the 125 year legacy of the World Parliament of Religions.

Who can receive complimentary press registration?

Complimentary registration is available to credentialed journalists (i.e., professional reporters, editors, writers, news photographers, producers and online editors) who work for a major publication, news service, broadcast outlet or news site that is regularly issued and published primarily for the dissemination of news, and operates independently from any commercial, political, government or special interest.

Media whose primary responsibility is the coverage of the interfaith movement, religion, social enterprise, and local/metro and global affairs will be prioritized for credentials.

Sales, advertising and marketing staff, analysts, brand content producers, authors, consultants and others are not generally eligible for press registration. Non-media attendees can visit  for information on registration.

The number of press credentials for each media outlet is limited. Press credentials are not transferable without approval of the Parliament of the World’s Religions.

Press passes will be issued on a first-come, first-serve basis until all the press passes are given.

Press passes will be issued solely at the discretion of the Parliament.


If you meet the required criteria, please complete this form. 


Confirmation of request:

Due to the heavy volume of inquiries regarding the 2018 Parliament of the World’s Religions, please allow 10 business days for review of your application.

Application Deadline:

Press credentials should be requested as soon as possible, and no later than one week before the Parliament of the World's Religions opens on November 1, 2018. On-site requests will be managed by our public affairs partners.

How can bloggers register as press?

Bloggers seeking press credentials must be working journalists or be affiliated in an editorial capacity with a qualified news outlet or educational institution as described above.

Special consideration may be given to student bloggers who are enrolled or recent graduates of undergraduate or graduate religion or seminary programs, or who can provide proof of producing editorial content for collegiate publications, broadcast outlets, or Internet news sites.

What is the next step after receiving press credentials?

The Parliament's website and social media channels are the best resource for updated information regarding the 2018 Parliament.

A digital media kit will be provided to you and updated on a rolling basis with important announcements, key profiles, and programmatic highlights.

One week prior to the Parliament of the World's Religions you will receive a finalized electronic press kit which will include all the information you will need right at your fingertips (i.e., press room information, program, Parliament media affairs team contact information, etc.).

Print copies of the media packet will also be available in the conference press room. Don’t forget to bring photo identification when you arrive at the Parliament.

The Parliament cannot assume responsibility for travel funding or housing for press attending the 2018 Parliament.  

Please kindly do not contact Parliament staff regarding housing or travel arrangements.

What other benefits are available to credentialed journalists?

The Parliament press room offers complimentary items including water, sodas, tea/coffee, snacks, wireless Internet, and a comfortable and quiet workspace.

Several press briefings will be held in the pressroom, and Parliament staff, dignitary and speakers interviews may be conducted in the pressroom with previous arrangement.

Interviews of exhibitors can take place only in the exhibition hall.

Private interview space is designated under previous arrangement with Parliament media team.

What restrictions are there on video, photography, speaker interviews, etc.?

Advanced permission is required for news cameras and radio broadcast on-site during the Parliament of the World's Religions, and recordings of all or portions of the conference without prior approval from the Parliament of the World's Religions are prohibited.

Commercial video of general sessions is prohibited, and keynote speakers are not all available for interviews. B-roll video of public areas of the conference -- exhibition hall and the Parliament's sacred spaces, for example --- and video interviews of Parliament staff and associated experts are possible with prior written consent of the Parliament of the World’s Religions or verified press credentials.

Please check with the Parliament staff for any restrictions on photography.

Many concurrent session speakers are available for interviews; check with Parliament staff for possibilities.

What policy dictates interview requests for major speakers?

Major speakers cannot be contacted through the app.

The Parliament press room will schedule briefings with major speakers. Individual interview requests with major speakers must be submitted to the Parliament for review, and journalists will be contacted by a representative of the major speaker, or Parliament public relations team if an interview is possible.

We will release availability of major speakers for interviews to all credentialed press in advance of the conference.

The Parliament cannot guarantee availability or access to any representative of the Parliament organization or VIP guest.

What do I do once I arrive at the conference site?

Those attending must provide press credentials as well as a valid photo ID. All media must pick up their own press badges at the pressroom check-in desk, which will provide access to all sessions and the pressroom. Media visitors or family members are not permitted inside the pressroom.

What if I do not meet the criteria for press credentials?

The Parliament reserves the right to grant or withhold press registration on a case-by-case basis.

If you feel you are able to produce timely content relevant to advancing the visibility of the 2018 Parliament through your coverage but are not a member of the mainstream media, please submit a written request no later than September 15, 2018, to [email protected].

Non-MSM requests for special consideration cannot be considered beyond this date.

Can I attend at no cost as a photographer or videographer?

Photographers and videographers who meet the criteria of mainstream press should apply for press credentials.

Can I produce independent media without press credentials at the 2018 Parliament?

Independent filmmakers, photographers, radio personalities, TV media, and other enterprising initiatives may require entry into an MOU with the Parliament granting all rights of use to the Parliament of the World’s Religions for any publicly published media documentation of the 2018 Parliament.

Permissions from the Parliament must be granted in advance to produce documentary material for any professional use.

I am just an attendee. Can I post pictures and video of my experience at the 2018 Parliament?

Yes, of course. Please tag us on Twitter & Instagram @InterfaithWorld and on the Parliament’s Facebook page, Parliament of the World’s Religions. Don't forget to use the hashtag #2018PoWR

Please email Molly Horan, Director of Communications, with any questions or special requests.