Sat, November 3rd, 02:15 PM
03:00 PM

Fostering Reconciliation, Global Understanding, and Human Unity Through the Power of Inclusion

Room 717A
Now more than ever in humanity’s history we need a spiritual transformation of the heart. The great teachers of all spiritual and religious traditions have said, unless we realize our spiritual essence there can be no true love developed in our hearts. And unless we develop real love and compassion there can be no lasting peace on this planet. Only through an awakening of our collective oneness and the unifying power of love can we surmount the innumerable challenges before us. A loving heart cannot be seen nor measured by the world, but it is these treasures that are of the highest value and are needed now to save the world. Actions done by those without love to pursue peace will not bring peace. Actions done by those who embody love foster greater love. In this multi-religious and inter-spiritual panel discussion and demonstration we will explore the essential steps to becoming a truly loving and compassionate human being through a simple practice of meditation and engaged sacred activism.