Sun, November 4th, 03:15 PM
04:00 PM

Heathens Against Hate — Striving to Save a Religious Identity from Extremists

Room 703
Heathens Against Hate (HAH) is a community outreach effort by The Troth, which is one of the largest international Heathen organizations. Heathenry is facing challenges as extremist elements dominate news coverage. HAH serves as a practical resource to stand against hate, racism, homophobia, bigotry, etc. within Heathenry. Because bigotry and hatred know no borders or boundaries, our messages are not targeted to any one country, ethnic/racial identity, or sexual/gender identity. We work to educate Heathens and non-Heathens on the differences between commonly-held Heathen beliefs and extremism and to promote inclusivity and dialogues that promote better communication among Heathen groups and wider society. In this panel discussion, leaders of HAH and the Heathen community will discuss some of the challenges the community faces, and what initiatives HAH is undertaking to combat bigotry and racism in Heathenry.