Tue, November 6th, 03:15 PM
04:00 PM

From Principles to Practices: Peace and Abolishing Nuclear Weapons

Room 602A
Principles of Peace can serve as powerful starting points for reflection, practices and courses of action. A promising opportunity for shared action is the United Nations Treaty to Prohibit Nuclear Weapons. Civil society and religious organizations have played an important role in advocating for this treaty; indeed the International Committee to Abolish Nuclear Weapons was awarded the Nobel Peace prize in 2017 for their efforts. The Canadian Council of Churches brings together Anglican, Catholic, Evangelical, Eastern and Oriental Orthodox and Historic Protestant Christian traditions that together make up in their membership 85 % of Christians in Canada. Together they have worked to describe and agree on what it means that peace is the heart of ecumenism. Project Ploughshares is the leading policy and research advocate for peace and disarmament - particularly nuclear disarmament - in Canada. Come for a challenging workshop seminar on principles of peace and courses of action to eliminate nuclear weapons.