Sun, November 4th, 03:15 PM
04:00 PM

The Spiritual Evolution of Humanity & Healing our Mother Earth "Paryushan Parv"

Room 712
The holy Jain festival popularly known as "Paryushan Parva" is organized every year. The festival ordains Jains to observe the 10 universal supreme virtues in daily practical life. The 10 virtues are Supreme Forgiveness, Tenderness or Humility, Straight-forwardness or Honesty, Contentment or Purity, Truthfulness, Self-restraint, Penance or Austerities, Renunciation, Non-attachment, and Chastity or Celibacy. It emphasises the well-being, peace, and happiness of the common man. During this festival, all activities which add to social discord or bitterness are declared taboo. It signifies social harmony, amity, and preaches the lofty Jain motto "Live and Let Live."