Tue, November 6th, 02:15 PM
03:00 PM

Transforming Lives Through the Power of Personal Story: Forgiveness and Reconciliation – Breaking The Cycle

Room 801A
This workshop introduces the power of storytelling and it’s enormous potential to connect, transcend, heal, and transform. The concept of forgiveness will be introduced to build understanding, encourage reflection, and enable people to reconcile with the pain and move forward from the trauma in their own lives. Objectives for the workshop: 1. To raise awareness of the transformative power of forgiveness. Participants will reflect on personal stories using creative expression such as writing and viewing stories from The Forgiveness Projects' story archive. 2. To educate, encourage and empower people to explore the nature of forgiveness and alternatives to conflict and revenge. 3. To open up dialogue and inspire people to consider how forgiveness can transform lives and transform hearts and minds.