Thu, November 1st, 09:00 AM
10:00 PM

Welcoming to The Parliament of World Religions 2018 - The Promise of Inclusion, The Power of Love

Room Level 500
Imagine a sea of lights, a beautiful sacred ritual in which everyone who comes to the Parliament participates and adds their own light to the global community. In the spirit of the Parliament, the Universal Worship will host this heartwarming welcome that embraces the Parliament’s vision of the promise of inclusion and the power of love. While viewing multiple images representing many different forms of sacred religious or spiritual ceremonies from all over the globe all are invited come to the universal heart table. All Parliament sisters and brothers are invited to add your light, create an intention, post a blessing for all of humanity. This will symbolically fill in the heart of humanity table with universal light, love, and inclusion leaving all with an individual sense of being the voice of love and peace for the future.