Volunteer Now!

Interested in volunteering for the Parliament now? Individuals interested in volunteering for the Parliament will be working closely with Parliament Board Members, Staff, and Committee members on special programs and assignments. It is therefore vital that volunteers:  

• Be fluent English speakers
• Have access to a computer and internet
• Have moderate understanding of social media

Process of Eligibility

Any individual interested in volunteering for the Parliament of the World's Religions is required to:

  • 1. Complete the PoWR Volunteer Application form - All individuals are expected to complete this form. Please note that this is just the first step in the process, completing this form does not guarantee that you will be approved as a Parliament volunteer. Volunteer assignments will be based on the answers submitted
  • 2. Approve Volunteer Assignments - Individual volunteers will receive volunteer assignments on a rolling basis based on their skills and availability.


Please note that the level of engagement will fluctuate based on the Parliament's needs and it is vital that volunteers are actively checking their emails for incoming assignments. Some assignments will require background checks.

Volunteer Opportunities