I have a somewhat different perspective as a deeply concerned Christian, licensed professional engineer, federal agency employee, American and crew member of planet earth. For over two decades, I have "suffered persecution (to my professional standing and economic security - GASP) for justice's sake" (Matt 5:10) as a whistleblower. Whistleblowers display something significantly beyond "inclusive love" - they live and model supererogatory love of neighbor - where "neighbor" can be have a world away or 100 years in future.

People of faith as we - privileged by any objective standard - need to not necessarily shun opportunities to displaying such supererogatory, self-sacrificial, love of neighbor because it may not be convenient to their professional standing and economic security, as much as those "goods" are the operable "gods" of many, if not most, of our economic/professional class.

However the reality is not only do people as we almost always bystand to institutional evil - manifested by established legal records of corporation or government agency law-breaking that harms or kills people, or well-evidenced claims of such law-breaking; religious professionals and the communities or institutions they lead - PoWR being just another example in this way - bystand to it also.

"Inclusive love" is not, in my opinion, consistent with such bystanding or its motive - self-interest (or "love of money").

So, if PoWR wants to call upon a power from a sacred source to counter the suicide machine our unprecedented global civilization increasingly resembles, it should stop bystanding to the institutional evil described above.

More detail about my contention about the need for supererogatory love for the "redemption/salvation" of our world in 2019 and its basis in Christian belief and theology is available at

Regarding my describing our world order as a suicide machine - well I'm not alone in such a description, see the current "doomsday clock" of Bulletin of Atomic Scientists" at