Interfaith Has No Age: Youth Voices for Change

Young people are at the head, heart, and feet of the interfaith movement, join the Next Generation Assembly & Program Initiative as they highlight the importance of understanding "Interfaith Has No Age" and "Youth Voices for Change". Join the movement for a more peaceful, just and sustainable world & come to Toronto: Learn more:


The youth inspire me with their vision and passion for interfaith work. I am so impressed with what your are doing in this world to bring us to a spiritual age of light and life.

The youth who are keyed into spiritual work inspire me too! My teenage daughter and I presented at the Women & Spirituality conference in Rochester Minnesota this fall. After our session, one of the participants told us that she has been fearful for the future, but after hearing my daughter speak, she has more hope! I can't wait to learn about what the youth at this conference are up to!